Sinfonías Tontas

Cut acrylic, self-adhesive vinyl on wall, digital print on acrylic, lambda print, rubber objects, resin objects
Variable sizes
Sinfonías Tontas Exhibition, Pabellón 4 Arte contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sinfonías Tontas (Silly Symphonies) is the final work in a series revolving around the Walt Disney Universe, a series I started in 2007. Exhibits from this series include: Mousetrap (Ratonera), which showed at Catalyst Arts in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and at Galería Balmaceda 1215 in Santiago, Chile, as well as a feature in Revista Americana (Americana Magazine), that drew on a project using Disney comic books shown in several instances during the last few years.

Silly Symphonies was a series of short animated movies produced by Walt Disney Productions between 1929-1939. Unlike other productions, Silly Symphonies did not use continuous characters and was never as popular or successful as animated short movies that included Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Donald Duck. These movies were considered low-quality animation and several movie theatres refused to show them at the time of their release.

For me, the fact that two very different types of content were present in these films is what makes them particularly interesting: on one hand, there is an abundance of traditional short stories that include morals; and on the other, there are more “conceptual” stories in which there is practically no dialogue and where the animation unravels to the tune of disturbing melodies. In the midst of these forests of light, shadow, and half tones, everything (flora and fauna) seems to be part of one dense and symphonic body. The aesthetic and ideological meanings, the densities and thickets which transcend children’s animation and ominously creep into the adult world, are the study and intervention matter of this work.

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