Spot Series: Collage on acrylic, variable sizes
S/T: Painting, self-adhesive collage and vinyl on wall, variable sizes
Spot Exhibition, Bsgr Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In English, the word spot has many meanings: it can be, among other things, a stain, a place, or a seat. It can also be the action of marking, tainting, watching, or repositioning a cue ball in billiards. It may be a freckle, a mole, or a skin mark. It is a word that is also onomatopoetic—in its sound we can find the action it designates.

This exhibit presents a series of works that are related to this word, in any number of its meanings. The exhibit is made up of a series of pop-up collages made using fragments of books containing children’s short stories. Images from the original stories have been combined to generate small mock-ups or landscapes that confound, loosely reference, or step outside the original story completely.

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