Cut MDF, digital print under acrylic
Variable sizes
Playroom Exhibition, Proyecto Cubo 09, Pabellón 4 Arte contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

With this work, I continue my research into certain icons belonging to the Disney imaginary. In this instance, my reference material was the first animated movie created by Disney Studios: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Using different images of the figures of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves extracted from books, posters, and photograms from the original animation, I recomposed the bodies of each character. The recomposing process included operations of cutting, juxtaposition, fusion, veiling, and uncovering fragments of the bodies and faces of the characters.

In addition, following the metaphor in the name “Snow White”, almost all the work was done in black and white. The goal behind this choice was to preserve a general image of the whole, in terms of the silhouette, while gradually uncovering the different “faults.” The lack of color, features, and precise delineations between the bodies generates a certain monstrosity in the figures—a monstrosity tempered by the sinuosity and familiarity of a well-known narrative. This imaginary, which oscillates between the familiar and the monstrous, is the territory my work explores.

© 2021 Catalina Schliebener